• Why is the booking tool asking for my Question?
    • Especially in the context of Correspondence Readings, it is very helpful to know the context of your inquiry to the cards. What do you hope to learn about yourself or your situation? Keep in mind that open questions lead to bigger answers, and specific details like whether yes/no or who/when can be very tough for the cards to address.
    • Feel free to submit a question, a situation, an idea, or nothing at all. But giving us something to locate the work before we begin it should be helpful, and will also give us an opportunity to reach out if something should be clarified prior to the session.
  • I scheduled my session with a Pay-What-You-Wish voucher, but there was no opportunity to pay. Now what?

    Your PWYW voucher discounted 100% of the normal fee for eligible services, so you likely skipped the payment page all together. (Nice job!) Here is how Pay-What-You-Wish works:

    • Step One: Come to your appointment! If for some reason you find you can’t make it, please reschedule or cancel in accordance with our policies; even though you have nothing to lose, we are saving time for you and would prefer to be informed in advance if that should change.
    • Step Two: After your appointment, you will receive a follow-up email that explains the rest. You will find a link to our Paypal Tip Jar and an earnest plea for your valuable feedback. If you’ve been offered this voucher, we probably need your feedback just as much or more than your payment, so please do take the time to let us know how it went – the good, the bad, and the ugly!
    • Step Three: Tell your friends to give us a try!
  • I think I missed the cancellation cutoff for my appointment, but can I still reschedule?

    Once past the cutoff date, it becomes very difficult for us to accommodate changes. At our option, we may under certain circumstances allow you to reschedule a missed appointment at a discounted rate (between 40-100% off, depending on what’s up) so please reach out as soon as you know and we’ll talk it over.

  • Is my canceled appointment refundable?
    • For face-to-face (including online) sessions, generally YES, as long as you respect the cancellation cutoff, which gives us fair notice and a chance to balance our schedule. All cancellations received before the cutoff will be fully refunded, usually within 48-72 hours depending on the payment method you used. If you have any issues with this process, please reach out right away so we can help.
    • Correspondence services are generally not refundable, but if you reach out directly via WhatsApp, you may be able to flag us down before we start working on your order. In those cases, we will try to help.
    • Question not answered? Please see our Cancellation Policy.
  • I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment. How?

    There are several ways to manage this. We will miss you, but we recognize that things happen.

    • At any time prior to the cancellation cutoff, you can reschedule, or cancel for a full refund, in one of two ways:
      1. If you received login instructions for our booking management tool, you can view and edit all your pending appointments in your personal booking view. Just log in and select the appointment you want to change, and reschedule for a more convenient time, or cancel completely.
      2. You can reach out to us directly on any available channel (email, WhatsApp, fb, etc.) and request that we reschedule or cancel the appointment for you.
    • Once past the cutoff date, it becomes very difficult for us to accommodate changes. At our option, we may under certain circumstances allow you to reschedule a missed appointment at a discounted rate (between 40-100% off, depending on what’s up) so please reach out as soon as you know and we’ll talk it over.
    • Question not answered? Please see our Cancellation Policy.
  • Can I pay at the time of service?

    Currently, we only confirm pre-paid appointments, but you do have the option to book with us in advance and finalize your payment prior to the cancellation cutoff date. Please contact us directly to request a pending appointment, and confirm the payment due date. If payment is not received by the due date, the appointment will be automatically cancelled.

  • My voucher code doesn’t work as expected.

    Please check the dates of validity and note which services the coupon is valid for. (Not all vouchers will be eligible for use on all services.) If it seems like these are correct, but the voucher still doesn’t work, feel free to drop us a note (WhatsApp is fastest – link in footer) and we’ll try to help you get it working. Please note some vouchers have a limit on number of uses, and this limitation could be reached before the validity period expires.

  • I get an error when booking that my email has already been used.

    Whenever you submit an email to our booking tool, it is remembered along with your name. For returning clients, the most common error happens when you use a different name than the one you submitted the first time. If you are a returning customer, please use the same first and last name you booked with the first time, or use a different email address.

  • What is the difference between a Correspondence Reading and an Interactive Session?
    1. Correspondence Readings are done offline (you are not present) and delivered to you in writing via email. You will submit your query (if you have a specific one) in the order form or send us an email if you want to elaborate. We’ll read the cards, write up our observations, and send the written results to you via with a photo of the card layout.
    2. Interactive Sessions are live, either in person or over online video chat like Zoom or whatever tool we agree on. You also have the option to add a written follow-up, which will be delivered later via email.
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