There are several ways to manage this. We will miss you, but we recognize that things happen.

  • At any time prior to the cancellation cutoff, you can reschedule, or cancel for a full refund, in one of two ways:
    1. If you received login instructions for our booking management tool, you can view and edit all your pending appointments in your personal booking view. Just log in and select the appointment you want to change, and reschedule for a more convenient time, or cancel completely.
    2. You can reach out to us directly on any available channel (email, WhatsApp, fb, etc.) and request that we reschedule or cancel the appointment for you.
  • Once past the cutoff date, it becomes very difficult for us to accommodate changes. At our option, we may under certain circumstances allow you to reschedule a missed appointment at a discounted rate (between 40-100% off, depending on what’s up) so please reach out as soon as you know and we’ll talk it over.
  • Question not answered? Please see our Cancellation Policy.

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