judgement tarot card


Yes, Judgement is spelled incorrectly. (As in the majority of tarot decks, thanks to the deep french influence since 15th c.) Go ahead and judge me if you must. 😉



This card took me for spin this weekend with some heavy wisdom. Judgement hits home with an insistence to heed your calling. It suggests a total rebirth, or revelation, after which nothing will be the same. Once you know the thing that will change you, you can’t un-know it. You can’t unring the bell. Your whole paradigm can do a 180 without notice, and your challenge is to be ready for the change, ready to accept this new truth, ready with your wish when you see the moment to wish it.
Perhaps the strongest invitation here is to accept that you can’t go back, so embrace you now and stop judging your past paradigm. We can carry yesterday’s baggage to the grave, or we can hear the call to wake up renewed every day, full of light and music, full of wishes and new unknowns.


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